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See some early submissions in Mark Cuban’s uniform contest

Posted: May 17, 2013 by bryanthompson32 in News

When Mark Cuban decided he was going to let the fans of the organization design the team’s new uniforms starting in 2015-2016, the submissions started pouring in.

Here is a quick glance at a few entries the fans have sent to Mark Cuban.

Are you an aspiring graphic designer? Do you think what it has to take to win Mark’s competition? There is still time to submit! Just submit your design as a comment on Cuban’s blog. 

enrty 2

Submission #1


Submission #2


Submission #3


Submission #4


Submission #5


Submission #6


Submission #7

entry 1

Submission #8

entry 4

Submission #9


Submission #10



Mark Cuban persuades fans to design the team’s new uniforms

Posted: May 13, 2013 by bryanthompson32 in News

mark uni;'s

By the 2015-2016 season, it is expected the Mavericks will have new uniforms shipped to the organization.

Mark Cuban on the other hand, is inquiring and accepting ideas from the fans.

A portion from his post from

“The Mavs are going to re-do our uniforms for the 2015-16 season… if we get a unique and original design. What’s the best way to come up with creative ideas ? You ask for them. So we are going to crowd source the design and colors of our uniforms.

“You know what an NBA uniform looks like. You know what the Mavs colors are for today and the past.  We want some new ideas that stay true to our logo and at least close to our current color schemes. Show us what you got !”

Designs can be sent to his blog, but he demands the uniforms will be under the organization’s possession once they are used. 

Link to Mark’s blog

4 Mavs players finished in double figures (Carter, Mayo, Nowitzki, Collison)