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Addressing the off-season

Posted: September 14, 2013 by bryanthompson32 in Thoughts

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk from the “experts” on a lot of sites that the Mavericks simply aren’t a playoff team because of the strong competition of the Western Conference and an “aging superstar”, Monta Ellis “overrated”, or the defense is simply “weak”

Well, I wanna add my own vibe to this.

-The Mavericks didn’t grab a superstar in the off-season, but they did get better at every position and have depth everywhere.

-Who’s to say Dirk is aging? He missed 2/4 of last season due to knee surgery. It was one injury, and yeah it slowed him down a little, but he’ll get back this year. Dirk’s game doesn’t require doesn’t rrequireas much as athleticism as most people think, and you look into the league and see how many 35 year olds are still at the near top of their game, like KG, Kobe, or Tim Duncan, why couldn’t Dirk do the same thing?

-People are beginning to overrate the competition in the lower seeds in the West. At the beginning of every season, people like to do that and don’t take injuries, trades, and suspensions into effect. Whose to say a big name player gets injured or traded and deteriorates the team in the middle of the season? Yes, could happen to the Mavericks, but this team has only missed the playoffs 1 time over the last 13 seasons.

-Yes, I will agree Monta Ellis is overrated to some extent. But take into account, this Mavericks team might be the greatest team he’s ever played on. He’s got Calderon at point for facilitating, a Pick & roll option in Dirk, and a defensive minded coach in Rick Carlisle. Monta Ellis will improve this season, if his surroundings play efficient.

-This team has a combination of youth and veterans. Having that combination is a good trait for the chemistry and performance wise. You have the incoming rookie Shane Larkin at point and have one of the most intelligent veteran guards in the league with Calderon, Larkin could use some tutoring.

-The only issue the “experts” are on point is the perimeter defense issue. I’m being un-biased here don’t get me wrong, but Shawn Marion cannot carry the load on the perimeter. We didn’t fish out any great defensive minded wings in the off-season and that kinda scared me, because it was an issue last season, but I am confident with the guys in the paint. Dalembert and Wright will improve the post defense, but the perimeter scares me. Devin Harris or somebody needs to step it up on the perimeter this up-coming season.



Fan Friday Questions

Posted: July 6, 2013 by bryanthompson32 in Thoughts
Ask us questions via email, twitter, or Facebook! Every Friday!

Ask us questions via email, twitter, or Facebook! Every Friday!

Ben Selheim asks: What’s our back up plan if we don’t get Dwight?

Admin Panel: Mark Cuban is a huge fan of the rather injury-prone but physically talented Andrew Bynum. Bynum comes with a few pros (shows all-star talent when healthy, would provide a physical presence in the paint the Mavericks have never had since Tyson Chandler, still young) and a few cons: (Comes at a high price, injury prone, not mature, hasn’t been on the court since early 2012). The other options are maybe a Josh Smith, Brandon Jennings, or a Monta Ellis. However, according to espn Dallas, the Maverick’s plan B is to chase after Bynum and get a veteran point guard to tag a long with maybe Jarrett Jack or Jose Calderon. This off-season is full of young talented prospects who you can easily build around. I wouldn’t miss out on the young stars if I was Cuban. -Bryan Thompson

Brett Daniels asks: Who’s this Gal Mekel guy we got? Is he good?

Admin Panel: JJ Barea. Dirk Nowitzki. Ian Mahinmi. Rodrigue Beaubois. Peja Stojacovic. Just to name a few international players the Mavericks picked up who became a success; I always like when the Mavericks grab Europeans. Yes, I do believe Mekel will become a stud for the Mavs, he’s fast, shows promising basketball I.Q, and most importantly fits coach Carlisle’s mold. Mekel was also coached by former 76ers GM  Brad Greenberg with Haifa this past season, Mekel has quickly convinced NBA talent evaluators that he can immediately become an off-the-bench contributor in the NBA who, at 6-foot-4 and 190 pounds, might actually be more effective in the American game than he is internationally because the lane tends to be so much more jammed overseas. I don’t see why he couldn’t compete in this league; Shane Larkin will have trouble contending with Mekel this season whether it’s for the starting job or the back-up. -Bryan Thompson

Ricky Davies asks: Should the Mavericks tank the whole season for Andrew Wiggins?

Admin Panel: Tanking is the stupidest and most idiotic strategy I’ve heard of; especially in this league, I despise it to the fullest. You are willing to tank a full season to rely on just a ping pong ball in a draw? Tanking will not only make the fans upset to support the team, it would also make are aging superstar enforce a trade. Also, according to Bill Simmons of Grantland, there’s a 15% chance you will find a superstar in the NBA draft. I wouldn’t rely too much on draftees. The Maverick’s best bet is free agency especially when you’re in a big market like Dallas. It would turn the organization sideways for many years. –Bryan Thompson 

Mavericks selections:

1st round: PG Shane Larkin, Miami 

2012-13 Season Stats:

14.5 3.8 4.6


Derek Harper. Brad Davis. Jason Kidd. Steve Nash. The Maverick’s first round selection Thursday night is in good company and is buying into the hype. However, the organization doesn’t anticipate Shane Larkin to become the next star at the point in Dallas; some might compare him to a JJ Barea, or a Rodrigue Beaubois.

“[Larkin] comes in with that kind of a punch, He’s able to get by the best of them. He’s about as quick as it gets. His ability to shoot the long ball and create, especially the way the game is played nowadays, is just really, really important.” –Mavericks president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson

“Our pick-and-roll game this past year was not at the level we’re used to, so we wanted to get better in that area, Shane’s one of the best in college basketball at doing that. A lot of people try to go under screens because of his quickness and he shot behind screens very effectively. He’ll see a lot of different coverages in this league, and what we’ve seen is that he does a good job reading situations.” –Coach Rick Carlisle

Larkin, the son of the legendary shortstop Barry Larkin, is an agile, and rapid, ebullient point guard whom is very crafty at running the pick-and-roll game. Larkin was measured with a lengthy 44-inch vertical leap at the 2013 NBA Combine and averaged the sixth-most points as a pick-and-roll ball handler (6.4) in the NCAA last season, and also carried the Hurricanes to a final four appearance in the NCAA tournament. Larkin was a very skilled stretch-shooter (40.6% from behind the arc in the 2012-2013 season)

Grade: B+

The Mavericks accomplished on what they were looking for and grabbed the perfect guy to fit the Maverick’s mold. Larkin will make an immediate impact off the bench in the 2012-2013 season and will add some needed athleticism off the bench.

Shane and Barry Larkin discuss their excitement over Shane being drafted, Shane’s upbringing and much more.


See some early submissions in Mark Cuban’s uniform contest

Posted: May 17, 2013 by bryanthompson32 in News

When Mark Cuban decided he was going to let the fans of the organization design the team’s new uniforms starting in 2015-2016, the submissions started pouring in.

Here is a quick glance at a few entries the fans have sent to Mark Cuban.

Are you an aspiring graphic designer? Do you think what it has to take to win Mark’s competition? There is still time to submit! Just submit your design as a comment on Cuban’s blog. 

enrty 2

Submission #1


Submission #2


Submission #3


Submission #4


Submission #5


Submission #6


Submission #7

entry 1

Submission #8

entry 4

Submission #9


Submission #10


Mark Cuban persuades fans to design the team’s new uniforms

Posted: May 13, 2013 by bryanthompson32 in News

mark uni;'s

By the 2015-2016 season, it is expected the Mavericks will have new uniforms shipped to the organization.

Mark Cuban on the other hand, is inquiring and accepting ideas from the fans.

A portion from his post from

“The Mavs are going to re-do our uniforms for the 2015-16 season… if we get a unique and original design. What’s the best way to come up with creative ideas ? You ask for them. So we are going to crowd source the design and colors of our uniforms.

“You know what an NBA uniform looks like. You know what the Mavs colors are for today and the past.  We want some new ideas that stay true to our logo and at least close to our current color schemes. Show us what you got !”

Designs can be sent to his blog, but he demands the uniforms will be under the organization’s possession once they are used. 

Link to Mark’s blog

mavs off-season guide

Entering the 2013 off-season, the Mavericks have had a very busy decade with the ‘Bank of Cuban.’

Listen here, I don’t mind having a Chris Paul, or a Dwight Howard in Dallas.

I’m just saying, it wouldn’t be the greatest fit for either one of the superstars to come to Dallas for financial reasons and the team’s future.

Rick Gosselin stated it the best: “The Clippers can offer more money and they have Blake Griffin. Just those two elements tell me that if the options are Dallas and L.A., he’ll stay in L.A. I just don’t see what’s attractive about this market. Dirk (Nowitzki) is an aging star. He’s no longer a superstar. You got a bunch of spare parts that you played with last year. If Chris Paul comes here, it’s me and what else.  No matter what the money is, I don’t think that’s going to be attractive.”

The past has also shown the Mavericks have had trouble in the off-season picking up the big names. Mark Cuban foresaw the summer of 2013 and realized that Dwight Howard and Deron Williams would change the future of his team. Cuban made his power play for Deron Williams, but more money and the sudden unexpected move of the trade for Joe Johnson enticed Deron to stay a Net.

I think it’s pretty convincing the Mavericks will have a lot more financial flexibility this Summer if you don’t go for the clear cut best players on the market.

Why not focus on the future? Maintaining your current roster? Coach Carlisle would sure appreciate it, and so would the fans. The problem is with ‘The bank of Cuban’ is that the bank often gambles for the most popular targets on the market, and fails most of the time and punishes the organization for a whole season when you grab all the left- overs on the market in the last minute, have seven new players on the roster, and then fail to reach the playoffs.

2013 will be a considerable year for many teams in free agency with quality players. The ‘Bank of Cuban’ needs to re-think this process and go after quality players and focus on the financial flexibility for the organization. Now the Mavs have enough cap to sign a couple of quality free agents. Howard is definitely the largest name, but what about Josh Smith? A large offer to Brandon Jennings? The possibilities are endless here if the ‘Bank of Cuban’ can focus.
The smart move is to move Beaubois in any possible way, cut James, and look to bring back Mayo, Brandan Wright, and Darren Collison on exceptions. They will probably miss on Howard….and Chris Paul. Hopefully that process won’t take the whole off-season. But striking out twice might get them a better, younger player on a poison pill type deal like Jeremy Lin received. The Mavs should be making a move for their future, and the major piece signed this summer is only part of the plan. After Dirk comes off the books in 2014, the Mavs may once again be major players, but that groundwork must start this Summer. It’s time to make the splitting of the title team pay off, and make it back to the playoffs.

The Daily meme

Posted: April 27, 2013 by bryanthompson32 in Memes
b-wright meme

Numbers never lie.
Wright has been the best hustler in the front-court the past 2 seasons.