The “Mavs Daily” blog was started by 17 year old Bryan Thompson. 

  • Bryan started out everything incorporated to “Mavs Daily” in April 2012, where he started a Facebook page called “Dallas Mavericks daily hoop scoop” to interact and talk hoops with fellow Maverick fans.
  • On January 9, 2013, Bryan created the “Mavs Daily”  blog, and started to write for his Mavericks only. Today, Bryan still enjoys writing for his blog, and hopes to become a Sports Writer someday.

Bryan’s favorites:

Favorite player growing upMichael Finley 

Favorite moment as a Mavs fan: Dirk Nowitzki’s game winner in game 2 of the 2011 NBA Finals 

Favorite game I attended: Mavs-Spurs double Overtime thriller

Favorite player right now: OJ Mayo 


Hello there, my name is Thomas Brunt,  I’m 16 years old, and a Sophomore at Birdville High School, I’m the sports-editor for my School newspaper: “The Hawk”.     I have been a sports-fan for as long as I can remember.      The first sport I played was Tennis,  as I got a little older though, I started playing basketball at the age of eight, and continued playing team basketball until I was 13, I played one year in Middle School, on my school’s intramural’s basketball team in the seventh grade.   In the summer of 2011, I decided I wanted to write about sports for fun, at the time though, I don’t think I was considering it as a career, but now I  am.

I used to be one of the biggest Mavericks’ fans, but the thing here is, I realize that if I want to be a biased journalist someday, I have to cut down on my biasness, or something like that.

–  – – Despite that fact though, I still root for my school sports,  as I’m still a student, a student first over a writer, at this point.    I’m also a fan of pro-wrestling and sometimes will write about that, as I contribute to a site called: “Next Era Wrestling.Weebly.com”.       On a side-note of all these sports-things, my goal, above everything-else, is to become the best role-model of  Christ that I can be, to someday be the spiritual leader.

– – – For tweets on all things ranging from: Sports, Pro Wrestling, Religion (Christian/Catholic), follow me on Twitter: @SportsguyThomas, if you have an opinion, comment, rant, request, or whatever else, feel free to email me: thesportsguy.brunt2@gmail.com

God bless,


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