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Addressing the off-season

Posted: September 14, 2013 by bryanthompson32 in Thoughts

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk from the “experts” on a lot of sites that the Mavericks simply aren’t a playoff team because of the strong competition of the Western Conference and an “aging superstar”, Monta Ellis “overrated”, or the defense is simply “weak”

Well, I wanna add my own vibe to this.

-The Mavericks didn’t grab a superstar in the off-season, but they did get better at every position and have depth everywhere.

-Who’s to say Dirk is aging? He missed 2/4 of last season due to knee surgery. It was one injury, and yeah it slowed him down a little, but he’ll get back this year. Dirk’s game doesn’t require doesn’t rrequireas much as athleticism as most people think, and you look into the league and see how many 35 year olds are still at the near top of their game, like KG, Kobe, or Tim Duncan, why couldn’t Dirk do the same thing?

-People are beginning to overrate the competition in the lower seeds in the West. At the beginning of every season, people like to do that and don’t take injuries, trades, and suspensions into effect. Whose to say a big name player gets injured or traded and deteriorates the team in the middle of the season? Yes, could happen to the Mavericks, but this team has only missed the playoffs 1 time over the last 13 seasons.

-Yes, I will agree Monta Ellis is overrated to some extent. But take into account, this Mavericks team might be the greatest team he’s ever played on. He’s got Calderon at point for facilitating, a Pick & roll option in Dirk, and a defensive minded coach in Rick Carlisle. Monta Ellis will improve this season, if his surroundings play efficient.

-This team has a combination of youth and veterans. Having that combination is a good trait for the chemistry and performance wise. You have the incoming rookie Shane Larkin at point and have one of the most intelligent veteran guards in the league with Calderon, Larkin could use some tutoring.

-The only issue the “experts” are on point is the perimeter defense issue. I’m being un-biased here don’t get me wrong, but Shawn Marion cannot carry the load on the perimeter. We didn’t fish out any great defensive minded wings in the off-season and that kinda scared me, because it was an issue last season, but I am confident with the guys in the paint. Dalembert and Wright will improve the post defense, but the perimeter scares me. Devin Harris or somebody needs to step it up on the perimeter this up-coming season.