Fan Friday Questions

Posted: July 6, 2013 by bryanthompson32 in Thoughts

Ask us questions via email, twitter, or Facebook! Every Friday!

Ask us questions via email, twitter, or Facebook! Every Friday!

Ben Selheim asks: What’s our back up plan if we don’t get Dwight?

Admin Panel: Mark Cuban is a huge fan of the rather injury-prone but physically talented Andrew Bynum. Bynum comes with a few pros (shows all-star talent when healthy, would provide a physical presence in the paint the Mavericks have never had since Tyson Chandler, still young) and a few cons: (Comes at a high price, injury prone, not mature, hasn’t been on the court since early 2012). The other options are maybe a Josh Smith, Brandon Jennings, or a Monta Ellis. However, according to espn Dallas, the Maverick’s plan B is to chase after Bynum and get a veteran point guard to tag a long with maybe Jarrett Jack or Jose Calderon. This off-season is full of young talented prospects who you can easily build around. I wouldn’t miss out on the young stars if I was Cuban. -Bryan Thompson

Brett Daniels asks: Who’s this Gal Mekel guy we got? Is he good?

Admin Panel: JJ Barea. Dirk Nowitzki. Ian Mahinmi. Rodrigue Beaubois. Peja Stojacovic. Just to name a few international players the Mavericks picked up who became a success; I always like when the Mavericks grab Europeans. Yes, I do believe Mekel will become a stud for the Mavs, he’s fast, shows promising basketball I.Q, and most importantly fits coach Carlisle’s mold. Mekel was also coached by former 76ers GM  Brad Greenberg with Haifa this past season, Mekel has quickly convinced NBA talent evaluators that he can immediately become an off-the-bench contributor in the NBA who, at 6-foot-4 and 190 pounds, might actually be more effective in the American game than he is internationally because the lane tends to be so much more jammed overseas. I don’t see why he couldn’t compete in this league; Shane Larkin will have trouble contending with Mekel this season whether it’s for the starting job or the back-up. -Bryan Thompson

Ricky Davies asks: Should the Mavericks tank the whole season for Andrew Wiggins?

Admin Panel: Tanking is the stupidest and most idiotic strategy I’ve heard of; especially in this league, I despise it to the fullest. You are willing to tank a full season to rely on just a ping pong ball in a draw? Tanking will not only make the fans upset to support the team, it would also make are aging superstar enforce a trade. Also, according to Bill Simmons of Grantland, there’s a 15% chance you will find a superstar in the NBA draft. I wouldn’t rely too much on draftees. The Maverick’s best bet is free agency especially when you’re in a big market like Dallas. It would turn the organization sideways for many years. –Bryan Thompson 


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