Mavs-Clippers thoughts and predictions for tonight’s game

Posted: January 10, 2013 by bryanthompson32 in Predictions, Thoughts
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This will be a gruesome fight for the Mavericks tonight as they travel to L.A to face the Clippers. But with Dirk back in the line-up, it’s time to make a signature move.

X-factor- Darren Collison. The Clippers will dominate you in so many ways if your point guard isn’t up to speed. Let alone, your guards in general. Plus,  Collison cannot turn the ball over tonight, the Clippers force the most turnovers in the league, but Collison and his teammates shown an improvement in holding the ball the last six games, turning it over just six times. Collison also needs to establish the pick and roll magic he had with Brandan Wright in the first quarter of the season, Blake Griffin can hurt you in so many ways on offense, but it’s his pick and roll defense that hurts his play the most.

Random Thoughts

It’ll be interesting on how coach Carlisle will divide the minutes tonight in the front court with Brandan Wright coming back, and how many pick and roll plays will he run with him and Collison when they’re on the floor together?

Jae Crowder needs to step up his game tonight, and regain his magic he sustained in the first ten games of the season. Tonight, his defensive match-up will probably be Caron Butler for half of the game. Crowder needs to step up tonight, and shut down the Clipper’s aced ball movement around the rim.

Final Prediction: 

Clippers: 103 Mavericks: 96.

The statistics are all on the Clipper’s side with 13 straight home wins, but however, ever since 2013 has hit the NBA, they’ve slowed down a bit. Nonetheless, the Mavs are just not there yet, they have no identity, their defense can’t defend the perimeter, the offense isn’t at their normal aced level. It’ll be a close game to say the most.

Game gets started 10:30 E.T on Fox Sports Southwest and ESPN.


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